Our Services


Mountain Pals offers boarding and day care for your canine companion in a home environment. Dogs who thrive off-leash our most common guest as the terrain isn’t as leash friendly up here in the mountains as it may be in the flat lands.

Dogs enjoy a long walk each day (time depending on their energy levels). Dogs who need leashes get the same treatment, we just modify where we go so they don’t get tangled in the trees. (We only take a very limited amount of dogs that require leashes and genrally only small dogs.)

Every day is different so we can cater to the health and happiness of each animal in our care.

If your family is blessed with a new puppy, day care is a great way to give pups the consistent training and exercise needed to:

  • Minimize their destructive behavior at home.
  • Avoid household accidents and become house broken sooner.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy who is more responsive to learning good manners.


We require a “Meet and Greet” before your first scheduled drop-off day to learn about your dog’s social skills with help from our resident canine Ethan, and to give you a tour of the home where your dog will be staying. We can also provide animal transport from your house to our mountain adventures in a new 2019 Dodge 2500 Ram we’ve specially tricked out for canine comfort and is a Colorado state approved and licensed animal transport vehicle.


Rebecca Cardennis, founder and owner of Mountain Pals, began working with animals in California shelters, where she learned valuable positive reinforcement and behavior training. Next, she honed her skills for several years as a Veterinary Technician in numerous specialty practices. Animals are very special to her, and she provides them with high quality care when they’re under her roof. She is skilled in administering treatments from SQ fluids to injections. If your animal has special needs that require medication, a nurturing caregiver with a medical background is ideal. We take special care of geriatrics, so no worries there. They do need to be able to do 15 steep stairs to get in and out of the house.

At Mountain Pals, animals generally don’t spend time in kennels, they are treated like members of the family, just like they are in your own home. If any dog needs time alone, we have a couple of large crates handy, but those are usually only for those that “need” them.


We understand that coming over from Summit County to Alma is sometimes hard depending on your travel direction. For a small $20.00 fee each way, we offer pick-up before you leave or drop-off once you are home. (we prefer to know that you have at least landed safely before dropping any dog at home incase that you may be delayed) Our 2019 Dodge 2500 is 4×4 enabled so Mountain Pals can travel when needed in rain, sleet, or snow.


Mountain Pals will always work towards improving your pet’s manners by the end of each day in our care. Rebecca, trained with world-renowned dog trainer Ian Dunbar, the creator of the “Puppy Kindergarten” concept and positive reinforcement techniques now used by shelters around the country. We always use positive reinforcement methods. Let us help them practice their Sits, Stays, and Rollovers and of course work on their off-leash hiking skils while you are at work!

Does your dog have any sensitivities? We will dedicate some one-on-one time to you and your pup, teaching you how to help him behave in the way he potentially can. Your whole family, canine included, will enjoy a more fulfilling life by knowing one another’s boundaries.


Mountain Pals also visits felines and other small animals, including exotics, in their home environments where we believe they do best. We can visit once a day, or as needed, to make sure they are happy and getting proper attention.