Here at Mountain Pals we do not charge by the hour or do we have half days. A day is a day and a night is a night. If home before 9am (either picked up or dropped off, then there is no last day charge). I am with your dog 24/day and night. We don’t have private suites or kennels they sit in all night alone. Mountain Pals, is a Colorado state licensed kennel but we are not a kennel, we are home. Your dog gets a comfy couch, a warm fire and a person 24/7 to give them lots of love. Mountain Pals is not a “traditional” kennel. Your dog is treated like my own dog Ethan in every way. My clients are family.

We accept Cash, Personal Check, Credit Cards, Paypal, Zelle and our current favorite Venmo. (Why pay fees if you’d don’t have to. Fees raise consumer prices.)

  • 1 Dog Day Care = $50
  • 2 Dogs Day Care = $70
  • 3 Dogs Day Care = $90
  • 4 Dogs=$110

  • 1 Dog Over Night Care = $60
  • 2 Dogs Over Night Care = $90
  • 3 Dogs Over Night Care = $120
  • 4 Dogs Over Night=$140

  • Pickup or Delivery = $20/each way

Here is an example of pricing for 1 dog Friday-Monday (pm) = 3(nights)x60+50(last day)+(pickup and delivery from  Alma to home )40= $230

I will happily give you a total before your stay. We accept, Cash, In State Checks, All major credit cards (processed through Square), Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and Popmoney at this time.

For kitties or small animal visits we only charge 30/visit and generally only stick the the immediate area around Alma for those visits (Alma, Blue River, Fairplay). Unless, your kitty or small animal only needs a visit every couple days, then we are happy accommodate your needs as far as Frisco. Cats, will be fed, water changed and litter box cleaned. A happy cat is a clean cat.