Here at Mountain Pals we do not charge by the hour or do we have half days. A day is a day and a night is a night. If home before 9am (either picked up or dropped off, then there is no last day charge) I am with your dog 24/day and night. Your dog is treated like my own dog Ethan in every way. My clients are family.

  • 1 Dog Day Care = 40
  • 2 Dogs Day Care = 60
  • 3 Dogs Day Care = 80

  • 1 Dog Over Night Care = 50
  • 2 Dogs Over Night Care = 80
  • 3 Dog Over Night Care = 95

  • Pickup or Delivery = 15/each way

Here is an example of pricing for 1 dog Friday-Monday (pm) = 3(nights)x50+40(last day)+(pickup and delivery from  Alma to home)= 220

I will happily give you a total before your stay. We accept, Cash, Check, All major credit cards (processed through Square) and Paypal at this time.

For kitties or small animal visits we only charge 25/visit and generally only stick the the immediate area around Alma for those visits (Alma, Blue River, Fairplay). Unless, your kitty or small animal only needs a visit every couple days, then we are happy accommodate your needs as far as Frisco. Cats, will be fed, water changed and litter box cleaned. A happy cat is a clean cat.